What Can You Do Around Phillip Island?

There are several places to see and activities to indulge in when you come to the Phillip Island region. This area offers the best in Victorian coastal scenes and is close to Melbourne. Hence, for small weekend getaways this can be your perfect trip destination.

Day trip itinerary

Many tour operators can offer you a trip to Phillip Island as one of the best day trips from Melbourne. There is a balance of wildlife to explore as well as coastal scenes that everyone would love. Many operators offer convenient packages such as meals on the go as you explore these scenes. Enroute to Phillip Island you would be served breakfast at a stopover destination, one of the many coastal towns that dot the region. Maru Wildlife Park is a place to visit where you will find different species of Australian animals. Here you can view grey kangaroos, koala, dingoes, wombats and emus among other animals. 

Beaches to discover

This day trip will offer you several beaches to explore such as Woolamai Beach that is known for its rugged nature and large surf waves. The bridge that lies between San Remo and Phillip Island has several beaches along the way; the scenes here are unlike what you will encounter on a great Blue Mountains day trip which is another popular travel option from Melbourne.

Other highlights of Phillip island trips

There are several other notable landmarks and experiences that are part of a Phillip Island day tour. Seals can be found on the beaches at Nobbies and more information can be obtained about them at the Nobbies Information Centre. The Penguin Parade is another popular tour that is offered in this day trip by most tour organizers. In most cases the Penguin Parade is shown in an exclusive tour, for which people are taken to showcase penguins in their natural habitat, as they emerge and waddle about on the Victorian coastline, towards sunset time. The trips are seasonal as per the arrival timings of the penguins in this region.These are some of the highlights of a day trip to and around Phillip Island in Victoria. If you are new to Melbourne and wish to take a day trip, this is a trip that would interest you and your family members as well. The day trips are well organized with several stops for meals and you would be brought back to the city by evening. It is an enjoyable way to spend the summer months with your children and even winter vacations as the weather remains pleasant through the year.