Many a times, people embark on a vacation and they often end up in hotels or motels (or possibly motels which pose as hotels!), which they don’t like for some reason. The service may be bad, the food may be horrible and there may be many other issues. Also, those vacationing in medium sized groups will find that booking hotel rooms may work out to be quite expensive and therefore unfeasible.
There are those who prefer the comfort of personally cooked food, limitless comfort and safety and most importantly, a higher degree of flexibility and privacy. As such, for such holidayers, the various regions in Australia offer a massive range of accommodation in the form of homes and villas which can be rented for a given number of days. Visit this link for more information regarding accommodation in Prahran.

The primary advantage of such a short term accommodation, apartments and villas is that they offer people the chance of holidaying while also allowing them to brew up their home lifestyle around them. The comfort and the privacy that these places offer are unmatched by any hotel simply. It is because once rented the whole place is accessible to the guests and they do not have to spend time in hotel check in lines amidst massive throngs of people.
The primary beneficiaries of these kinds of vacation homes are those who travel in groups. Given the fact that booking hotel rooms for the group can work out to be rather expensive (even after group discounting), these holiday homes are extremely reasonably priced and when the cost of per person in considered, it works out to be massively cheap. Bachelor groups, families, organizations, tourists and students generally prefer these kinds of places simply because they work out very cheap and offer people a very high level of freedom and comfort.
There are however, some rules that apply in these homes which people must follow. Generally speaking, these rules deal with hygiene and cleanliness and smoking and pet regulations and they are subject to the discretions of the owners, the local and the state laws. Each house in a different region may have a different set of rules. Those who wish to take their pets along must ensure that the property they have rented allows pets. Those who wish to hold parties and so on in the premises must get it cleared with the owners in order to avoid any misunderstandings. Apart from this, people are given the freedom to come and go as they please and do what they like in the house.
Details of availability, maximum number of people that can be housed and owner details can be found on the internet across various websites.