The Perfect Happily Ever After

You have no doubt been looking forward to your wedding day for as long as you can remember. Most girls look forward to the day that they walk down the aisle in that most perfect of dresses from the age of five or six with quite a few of them knowing exactly what their wedding is going to be like long before they have even met the right man. Although the minor details of that wedding do change quite a bit through the years, the bigger details usually remain exactly as she always wanted them.

However, fairy tales aside, when you have finally had the man of your dreams propose to you and the actual wedding planning begins; you will find that the whole process is quite a lot more than you bargained for. As exciting as the wedding planning is, it can also be daunting and tiresome and when the day is finally here, you will find that you are relieved that those months of wedding planning are finally behind you. However, then comes planning the most fun part of it all, your honeymoon destination and the beginning of your married life.

Spare no expense
When budgeting for your wedding, it is important to allocate a sufficient amount of your budget for your honeymoon. The truth is, this opportunity you have to spend a few days or a week alone with your new spouse who you are about to spend the rest of your life with is possibly going to be a once in a life time opportunity and therefore it is important that you plan out one amazing trip and make an effort to spend money on what you want without having to think too much about it. You may choose to spend you honeymoon in the Maldives, Sri Lanka or even in Bintan island resort where it is always sunny and the weather is always a kin to paradise.

After this perfect holiday, you and your spouse will need to get back to regular life of nine to five work, traffic, earning money to survive and having to worry about the future and therefore it is vital that you take these few days to enjoy life and to make certain that you make the most of it. All the fairytales associated with marriage will be about these few amazing days that you get to spend alone with your new spouse away from the rest of the world and therefore you need to make the most of it.